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A plumbing system is meant to do two things:

  •  Bring clean, or potable water to your building for things like drinking and bathing.
  •  To take away the water that is dirty.

We all want water coming to us that does not come in contact with the same piping that the wastewater runs through. Backflow occurs when there are changes in pressure in our systems, and the flow of water is reversed, thus increasing the chances for our clean water of being contaminated with nasty stuff.  If you think you may have this problem, our backflow testing San Diego experts can fix that for you.

Regular backflow testing and maintenance can help prevent your water supply from being polluted with not only harmful toxins but also rust and debris from normal wear and tear.

Why Backflow Testing is Important in Your Home

More than being disgusting sight, a backflow is a plumbing problem that can cause health and safety risks and thousand dollars’ worth of damages, not to mention the embarrassment and inconvenience it can cause.  It is a serious problem that needs to be addressed promptly otherwise, it could cost you more money in repairs and restoration.

But more than timely backflow repair, sewage backup prevention is important to avoid all the hassle, to begin with.  You can prevent backflow easily with a device that prevents dirty water from mixing into the clean water supply system. Call Village Plumbing & Heating for backflow testing information and services: (619) 296-8844.


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